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Casa dos Tomarinhos

Rural Tourism

Our house has the name of a typical Mariense expression, tomarinhos are commonly known as gooseberries, and grow wild in the fields and pastures of Santa Maria Island (Azores).

Our rural tourism space “Casa dos Tomarinhos” is an unique paradise that consists of two separate accommodation within a valley. Here tranquility and beauty will be your main company so that you can enjoy a relaxing and unforgettable stay.

The “Casa dos Tomarinhos” is located in Espirito Santo parish and is strategically located only a few kilometers from Praia Formosa, São Lourenço or Maia.

André’s House


This is an area of excellence for family holidays or small group due to its size.


This house was designed in the most romantic and has privileged occupation for couples that are looking for comfort, taste and refinement in a differentiated product with truly outstanding features.


Lourenço’s House


Photographic credits: Foto Pepe

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